Grading & Base

Grading & Base Recertification

Recertification course attendance is required for anyone seeking recertification through the Mn/DOT Technical Certification program.  The recertification course will be all classroom presentation to update registrants on developments in technology and specification changes.  The course should not be taken more than 2 years prior to when certification expires in this area.  The course will conclude with an open note examination on the materials presented.  A score of at least 70% is required to be credited for recertification.

Prerequisites: Grading & Base 1

Grading & Base 1

Grading and Base 1 is a three-day course required for anyone performing inspection or testing on grading projects. The course covers soils identification, the moisture-density test (proctor) field moisture and density determinations, and the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer test procedure. The course includes both classroom lectures and hands-on training in a laboratory. Successful completion of a written exam and a hands-on performance review are required.

Prerequisites: Aggregate Production or Aggregate credit and basic math skills

Grading & Base 2

Grading and Base 2 is a required three-day advanced course required for personnel acting as lead inspectors on grading projects. This course discusses the inspector's roles and responsibilities, sub-grade soils and soils identification, excavation and embankment construction, base construction, turf establishment, geosynthethic applications and compliance with labor laws. This course is covered entirely in the classroom and requires successful completion of a written exam with a score of a least 70%.

Prerequisites: Grading & Base 1